Auto tuning has been hobby, and, at the same time, the whole industry, where cars have been modified to improve their performance, steerability, look, and possible driving style has been improved. Most vehicles – in accordance with standards set forth by manufacturers – comply with average requirements laid down by drivers. Tuning has become way to commensurate car performance and real desires of its owner.

Comprehensive tuning profile is individualisation of exterior of the car and, at the same time, it is improvement of driving dynamics. It includes improvement of aero dynamical features, by modifying car buffers, side verges, mounting spoilers, “air cleavers”, extra cooling nozzles, and using wheels made of light metal. It is also possible to improve performance of the car – to make it more attractive – by adjusting a hitch, reconstructing exhaust system and boosting the engine power. The obtained result is significant! More precise steerability, special sounds for exhaust pipe and increase of dynamics potential per 20–40 per cent. By the way, by performing respective improvements, it is possible to balance the fuel consumption as well. When you have decided to get foregoing advantages, special brands of tuning projects will help you. Manufacturers, who are professionals, people – passionate and full of enthusiasm to give the best to your car.

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