SIA “Latakko” tire centre network franchise

SIA “Latakko” is the leading distributors of tires and related goods (batteries, oil, discs, etc.) in the Baltic States. We are proud of the three franchise networks. All these brands have successfully consolidated their position on the international market.

Your company has the chance of becoming a franchise holder of any of the SIA “Latakko” network. Learn more about each network to find which one corresponds to your company’s specifications.



Key Point

More than 50 network sales and service centres in the Baltic States, and over 700 centres across  Europe. PKP tire offers exceptional customer service, competitive prices and professional services to drivers of various cars and motorbike models. It offers a wide range of merchandise including tires, discs, oils and batteries. It also, provides professional services in line with the accepted industry standards.
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Mr. BIG is the current leader in the cargo, agricultural technology and industrial tire sale and service market with operations in the Baltic States and in Eastern Europe. It has set a new operational standard by offering professional services and high-quality merchandise including tires, batteries, oils and discs to clients in the cargo, agricultural and transport industries.
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Hankook Masters

The network joins professional tire services, offering high quality tires, discs, vehicle accessories, services and professional consultations. Currently, more than 50 network centres operate in the Baltic States, stocking a wide range of merchandise including various types of car tires, trucks and cross-country and commercial vehicles  from the world’s leading manufacturers.It also provides a comprehensive services to its clients.
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List of Benefits for becoming partner with SIA “Latakko”

  • Extensive portfolio of brands: Manufacturers of the well-known tire, wheels, battery and oil.
  • Superior and easy to use i3 system for customers to order merchandise.
  • Ability to track purchase orders, deliveries and payments.
  • Ordering merchandise and delivery from Manufacturers’ warehouses.
  • The biggest warehouse in the Baltic States, occupying more than 25 000 m2.
  • Popular merchandise in stock & available for shipment on the same day.
  • Providing daily delivery across the entire Baltic States and Europe.
  • Unique and comprehensive wholesale structure; product group and sales managers and merchandisers.
  • Marketing campaigns, activities and participation in international exhibitions.
  • Professional training and workshops.

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