The network comprises professional tyre services and offers tyres, wheels and other car accessories and services of the highest quality, and advising by professional specialists.

“Hankook Masters” network offers wide range of products

  • Tyres of all types for passanger cars, SUV, commercial transport and cargo trucks from leading world-known  manufacturers of tyres, for example, “Hankook”, “Vredestein”, “Nexen”, “Westlake” etc.
  • Well-known alloy wheels manufactured by Italian brands “Reds” and “Mak”, and German brands “Brock” and “Alutec”
  • Motor oils and lubricants from “Champion” and “Comma”

Services provided by “Hankook Masters” network

  • Assembly and storage of tyres
  • Balancing of tyres and alignment of wheels
  • Check and repair of running gear
  • Washing of wheels
  • Repair of wheels
  • Oil replacement
  • Adjustment of lamps
  • Check/repair of car starters and generators
  • Examination/repair of electrical equipment, and tyre service for cargo trucks

On the web site of “Hankook Masters” www.hankookmasters.lv you can find

  • The most suitable tyres for your car
  • Alloy wheels
  • “Comma Oil & Chemicals” Ltd oils
  • “Duracell”, “Tudor” and “Sznajder” batteries
  • And “Hankook Masters” car service or shop, which is the nearest to you

“Hankook Masters” in Latvia

In 2009, “Latakko” Ltd. launched cooperation with the South Korean company “Hankook Tire”. Only seven years have passed since the first tyre centre was opened, but now there are more than 95 network centres in Latvia.

“Hankook Masters” in the world

South Korean company “Hankook Tire” is one of the most fast-growing tyre manufacturers all over the world. The company started its operation more than 70 years ago, when it fast conquered the Asian market. In 2011, thanks to high quality of products, the company entered into significant contract on supply of tyres for motorcar race competitions in Germany.


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