Partner support

Partner support

“Latakko” considers its partners as part of its team, and as such they receive assistance, advice and consultation.

Partner customer centre

Our customer service centre answers all your questions and those of our partners including franchise holders. It provides consultations and assistance  by telephone, e-mail, fax or in person.


Service centre team

Each partner service team comprised of nine operators, four controllers and one manager.

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Sales managers

There are over 30 sales managers in the Baltic States who are ready to assist you in all matters concerning goods and services.



Our partner service centres offer expert assistance in Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian.


Call centre

Our call centres provide valuable help to our customers.


Warranty support

We have streamlined our claims department where customers can receive speedy assessments of damaged and defective goods under warranty.



Special workshops and training for partner experts on trends, news, goods, etc.


High-ticket merchandise sale training

Special training to sale High-ticket items.

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Sport games

As a team-building exercise, SIA “Latakko” organizes sport games and activities every year for its partners in the Baltic States.



Each product group has its dedicated manager, who addresses all  issues related to the brands, the product features and the benefits. The sales department ensures that our partners stay ahead of our competitors by keeping them informed about the latest developments in the industry, market trends and opportunities to increase sells and generate more revenue.

Our team provides help and assistance in the following areas



Queries regarding the merchandise, placing orders, solutions and other product-related issues.



Queries regarding the delivery, tracking orders, prices and availability of products at the warehouse.



Our experts will assist you with international product certificates required for tender procedure.


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