Mr. BIG — Great expert in big tires

Mr. BIG is the current leader in cargo, agriculture technology and industrial tire sale and service market with operations in the Baltic States and in Eastern Europe. As part of its operational strategy, it plans to join partners in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

By the end of 2016, Mr. BIG had opened 10 centres in the Baltic States; four in Latvia, three in Estonia and three in Lithuania. Mr. BIG network offers a wide range of products, competitive prices, special discounts, sales training, marketing support and other benefits to its partners.

Mr. BIG network brands

pirelli yokohama vredestein hankook sailun westlake

Why should you joint Mr. BIG network?

  • Strong and unique network brand.
  • The widest selection of specialized goods in the Baltic States.
  • Exclusive offers on certain brands and products.
  • Special prices and discounts.
  • Sales training for each new member of the team.
  • Potential cooperation with transportation fleets.
  • WEB tools.
  • Mobile display.
  • Marketing support.

Required criteria for joining Mr. BIG network


  • Franchise fee is 100 EUR per month.
  • Regular and timely payment of invoices.
  • You must cover the cost for setting up the showroom/store in line with Mr. BIG     guidelines.
  • Design and installation to be arranged and guaranteed by SIA “Latakko”.


  • Active involvement of your company and support in joint marketing ventures (minimum twice a year).
  • Company must Initiate and execute plans to introduce and promote the brands.
  • The company must promote the network through visual advertising.
  • For the duration of joint venture with Mr. BIG, your company must not promote and advertise other brands.
  • The entire network must participate in joint marketing activities (minimum twice a year, starting from the date the network grows to include 10 or more Mr.BIG centres per state).

Other prerequisites

  • Your company’s inventory must comprise a minimum of 80 % of “Latakko” tire products (Truck, Agro, Industrial) and a minimum of 50 % of other “Latakko” product groups (AKB and OIL).
  • Your company must meet certain network criteria: an area for installing a display case/bracket (Truck, Agro,Industrial etc.), convenient access, a parking lot and waiting room for customers.


Would you like more information on how to become a franchise holder of the Mr.BIG centre?

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