Amber Round

The legacy of the rally “Amber Volga” began in 1964, when the first automobile speed competition organized by the physical training body of Riga Taxi Park was held. The competition was held on the asphalt loops of Riga Culture and Leisure Park “Mezaparks”, instead of Bikernieku racetrack, which had not yet been built.

Since 1968, the competition was transferred to the new Bikernieku motor sport racetrack. It became the most prestigious race in the former Soviet Union, and it included participants not only from the Baltic States, Leningrad, Moscow and Minsk, but also from distant Krasnodar and Tashkent. Traditionally, this competition was held in autumn, when, despite frequent raining, it was widely attended.

The “Amber Volga” was organized for the last time in 1991. Afterwards, the competition was renamed “Amber Round” for another couple of years. Not long after this the event was discontinued entirely. Fortunately, this historical and legendary race was renewed in 2010.

In 2015, the race was organized in six stages, where the participants competed for places in five test classes – VAZ 1300, VAZ 1600, “Volga”, “Formula Easter” and “Formula Mondial”. The most widely represented class was “Volga”. Competition stages took places in Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

In cooperation with organizers of the competition, we deliver “Falken” tires to the participants of the “Amber Round”.


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