Mini track

Mini track races have been defined as the first step in the racetrack because it is possible to participate therein with any motor car. The goal is to improve driving skills, to perfect racing tracks or simply to get your adrenaline pumping. Eduards Kalve, the organizer of the competition, points out: “It is a national sport!”

This Division of motor cars is considered a national-level competition so that it would be easier for participants to make the next step in the development of their racing career and to participate in the Latvian championship. Cars are therefore now required to be built with a safety frame.

In 2016, the third season of mini track racing, the driving format will be preserved with races organized in weekday evenings between 18.00 and 20.00 o’clock. All stages will take place on the Bikernieku racetrack, and different track configurations will be used for each stage, thus making the competition more exciting for participants.

Organizers always offer wonderful prizes. In the first mini track race season, the main prize was driving F1 vehicles. The main prize of the second season was participation in a “Opel” “OPC Experience” safe driving course in Germany. “Latakko” cooperates with the organizers of this competition as the official distributor of “Yokohama” tires.


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