Rally is not a sport intended only for boys who leave whirlwinds of dust behind sport cars. It is a time, when even a business executive, who is extremely serious in his daily life, yields to excitement. It is a moment, when people can enjoy their time together, even bringing their kids along. It is not only a race and adrenaline hunt for sportsmen – rally is an event for everyone.

Latvia has a long standing tradition of Rally racing. Latvia and Estonia, its neighboring country, have been annually included in FIA’s European Rally Trophy calendar, which includes 10 stages equally divided among five ground rallies and five asphalt rallies. In 2016 a third tournament was introduced, when Rally “Liepaja”, which is held in the winter, was included in FIA’s European Rally Trophy calendar.

Rally season in Latvia usually starts at the beginning of the year, when “Sarma 2016”, the first from among eight stages, is organized in Gulbene, ending with the last stage in Jurmala in September.

“Pirelli” tires have always been an integral part of the rally, because the best rally teams have chosen them. To support and develop this sport, we cooperate with the leading Baltic teams “Vorobjovs Racing”, “Neiksans Rally Sport”, ASRT, “LMT autosporta akademija”, “Prorehv Rally Team”, EAMV, “Capkauskas Motorsport”, “Samsonas Racing”, etc.


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